Tadagraph Micro-Messaging Markup: Taming Status Updater

Status Updater

Status Updater

It’s the core element of activity on Tadagraph: you can post messages, create to-dos and assign responsible project members, start discussion and much more.

  1. Input area — Write your message here. Status updater is a smart window and understands lots of commands, which we’ll discuss later.

  2. Upload files — Attach any files to your message. Images will be displayed directly in Flow.

  3. Spaces selector — To post a message you have to select a Space you are posting to. It’s convenient to post messages to any Space even when you are in another project or team.

  4. TADA button — Click to post your message or hit Ctrl+Enter.


Useful for: organizing content

Look at topics as a way to organize and classify your messages, like folders for files, groups for friends, etc. Each message you create and add a topic to will be filed under the relevant topic and accessible on a single topic page.

How to use: square brackets [ ]

How to use: square brackets [ ]

To add a topic to a message, simply add square brackets to the topic name, e.g.

How to use: square brackets [ ]

Let’s create several messages tagged with the same topic:

How to use: square brackets [ ]

  1. Topic View link — Clicking hyperlinked topics in Flow will send you to the relevant topic page, where you will be able to see all messages, to-dos, notes, etc tagged with this topic.

  2. Add applications — Use + button to add any available application to the topic. This will automatically create corresponding element in other applications. E.g. adding To-do app will create a to-do list with topic’s name.

  3. Status updater — Creating any message on the topic view will automatically add relevant topic to it.

  4. Topics messages — You’ll see a filtered flow of messages tagged with the topic.


Useful for: creating to-dos, notes, discussions

Updater allows you to create any application element you wish. Adding a proper hashtag will create a to-do or start a discussion.

Let’s create a to-do:

Let’s create a to-do

All you have to do is add #todo hashtag to your message.

Let’s assign yourself to this to-do, set due date for today and put it on the Easy Start list:

Let’s assign yourself to this to-do

Go ahead, try it out and visit To-do app to see that it works.

What hashtags can I use?

Here is a list of hashtags to activate a relevant application:

  • #todo — create a to-do;
  • #discussion — start a discussion;
  • #note — create a note.

To-do app also recognizes these hashtags: #asap, #today, #tomorrow, #thisweek, #thismonth - assign due date while creating to-dos.

Can I markup existing messages?

Yes, it’s possible to markup messages in flow and edit them if you were the one who posted the message.

Head to Flow and hover over any message, click to edit its markup:

Click to edit its markup

This is how edit mode looks like:

This is how edit mode looks like

  1. Edit text of the message — Available only to the creator of the message.

  2. Add hashtags and topics — Add any hashtags and topics to curate content or create a to-do from a simple message.

  3. Upload files — You can attach any files to messages

  4. Due date selector

  5. Save button — Don’t forget to save! Or cancel.

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