Tadagraph - the marketplace for CouchApps. Call for CouchDB developers

Tadagraph - distributed collaboration via micro-messaging

Hey, fellow CouchDB lovers. We develop the web’s first online co-working space, enables remote team members group around conversations, organizing them in great and meaningful way to deal with.

CouchDb / CouchApps Marketplace

Our platform assumes all functionality be placed on top of conversations management framework in a form of CouchApps (well, with a few twists, but CouchApps it is in the bare-bone). We are busy building number of useful apps ourselves, but got to the point where our framework is stable enough to start inviting 3rd party developers to work alongside with us. The apps are expected to cover project management and social life needs of the team.

Essentially, the business model we have pivoted to so far, is the freemium for the core framework, with the marketplace for additional apps. We would host all apps in our runtime wherever possible. The pricing would be subscription-based per project per month per app. The plan is to share revenue with developers, like Apple does it for iOS.

Call to action, CouchDb people

This said, we need a number of independent developers to help us test and finalize our marketplace (including some of the requirements in #cusdev manner). If you’re not scared away with “alpha” status of the marketplace code, hop on right now and we’ll get you started.

There is obviously a number of issues we would need to debug, so we offer great benefits for early adopting developers. We have a good deal of apps in our mind too, so we may help with some ideas.

If it sounds about right - reach us out at info (at) itteco (dot) com, and we’ll get going. We don’t need a big crowd of the developers while our marketplace is still in alpha, so act now to save your seat.

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Team.FM is social collaboration platform for distributed team work based on open-source micro-blogging tool Tadagraph.

Team.FM gets projects done, ideas generated, teams united and active. You may use it alone or share with a group: get personal CRM & GTD or participate in a number of one-off projects, be a part of your company' s social live and presence or discover the networks around co-working spaces.

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