To-do Lists

Keep track of your team’s tasks, organized in to-do lists.


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As simple as To-do list tracker can be, this app will organize your messages in actionable items. Do it right away or do it later. To-do App will help you get things done.

The to-do may be assigned to a person, given due date, contain attachments and will most certainly have the discussion thread.

You may keep track of what’s been done when, prioritize tasks by drag-n-drop in a to-do list or between the lists. Super easy, mega powerful. This is all what is required for task management for most teams.

In your private space, the to-do app may be used for CRM purposes. You'd register the tasks you have to perform for a person you are working with. Like, give a call, prepare proposal, etc.



#todo - will convert the new message into a task you may later find in to-do lists.

#done - when you reply to a to-do with !done in your message, it’ll mark the task as completed.

#todo @owner [Topic Name] - will assign @owner as the responsible for the task and will put it in [Topic Name] to-do list. If this topic wasn’t a to-do list before, it’ll extend it to be one.

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